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DesiBPM is the worlds first dedicated Digital Desi DJ Pool.

Providing you the best new desi music so you can smash any crowd

dedicated online platform

New Releases

Extensive library containing the best desi releases

HQ Audio

Guaranteed high quality audio MP3’s

Version Selection

Clean, Dirty, Intrumental, Acapella and Intro versions


Exclusive remixes and edits by BPM remixers


Specially curated playlists to help you find the best music to suit your needs

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Add music to your record crate and download in a single click

dedicated online platform

Use our advanced search and filter feature to narrow down your requirements for a simple and easy discovery.

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Software Integration

All music on DesiBPM contains meta-data
optimised with BPM, Key and Cue points for
use with most popular DJ softwares.